St Ignatius

SDC Committee


Our aim is to harness the energy and talents of parents to provide positive support to St Ignatius College through the various services we offer, the funds we raise and the projects we initiate. As we engage in the various activities, we seek to do so with a spirit that celebrates what is right with the school, and in so doing recognize the possibilities and find solutions for the challenges before us.

SDC Committee members

Mr E. Mudavanhu Chairperson
Mrs D. Mwenje Vice Chairperson
Mrs B. Mutosvori Secretary
Mr Mutonhori Vice Secretary
Mr C. Charandura Treasurer
Fr L. Daka SJ Rector
Mr T. Choto Administrator
Mr H. Maganga Headmaster
Mr H. Chiwanda Deputy Headmaster
Mr L. Chitura Teacher Representative
Mrs M. Tshuma
Ms K. Chingwe
Mr T. Matambanadzo
Mr A. Mudondo
Mr R. Gwande
Mr C. Gohori