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Welcome to this our virtual community which will, hopefully, share with you the identity of the College and guide you through many activities that take place here. The College recently celebrated 50 years of excellence in providing top notch but affordable education to many in our country and beyond. It is my hope that as we count on our blessings we also plan and join hands in building the College for the next 50 years and beyond.

Permeated by Christian values, our programmes ensure that our shared vision, mission and energies are geared towards the formation of the whole person; academic, spiritual, social and physical. Through multi-faceted programmes and experiences, students are challenged and inspired to fully develop their God-given gifts and talents as they grow into young men and women God designed them to be. At St. Ignatius College we strongly believe in giving a special and particular care and concern to the needs of the individual student who is always at the centre of the whole educational enterprise. Students and teachers here strive for the Magis and know that hundred percent is not good enough!

As a Catholic and Jesuit school rooted in Ignatian ethos and Christian values, St. Ignatius College undertakes to encourage students to grow in their personal walk with Jesus Christ.  St. Ignatius College is a loving community that genuinely cares for each and every student in a personal manner.  Our core values make us believe in the fundamental truth that every student has worth and value. Animated by the person of Christ, it is our goal to create an inviting, welcoming, clean, safe, nurturing, supporting and empowering learning and teaching environment.

Fundamental to Jesuit education is the prominence given to human rights and social justice. Jesuit education seeks to form “men and women for others,” prepare students for active life commitment, to exercise a faith that does justice, and to have a particular care and concern for the poor, the vulnerable, underprivileged, and the marginalized. Our college programmes and policies are designed in such a way that they help students to be concrete witnesses of a faith that does justice and a fire that lights other fires.

Our philosophy of education is that the school community is larger than teachers, students and ancillary staff. Inevitably, parents, guardians, alumni and friends are key stakeholders without whose help and active participation, the life and spirit of the school would not be complete. 

In conclusion, we call upon all our esteemed parents/guardians, students, alumni and friends, staff and indeed many other key stakeholders who share with us the same Ignatian ethos and vision, to join hands and work as a team in order to achieve our desired goals.

I look forward to welcoming you at this your College. Blessings

Prof. Fr. L. Daka, SJ


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