St Ignatius

The board of governors has a crucial role in the college’s functioning. They meet once every term to deliberate on issues to do with the college. The following is a list of persons who sit on the St Ignatius College board:

Member Name Address
Chairperson Fr. C. Chimhanda SJ No. 52 Garnet H. Mt Pleasant
Vice Chairperson Fr. L. Daka SJ St Ignatius College, Chishawasha
Education Secretary Fr. Arimoso SJ St George's College, Harare
Headmaster Mr. L. Madyangove St Ignatius College, Chishawasha
Finance Chairperson Mr. C. Muzondo 16 Boowoad Road, Mt Pleasant
Board Secretary Mr. E. Doma Anglican Cathedral, Kwame Nkrumah
SPA Chairperson Mr. E. Hove - - - -
Legal Advisor Mr. H. Mugwadi 4th Runhare House
Board Member Ms. E. Haatendi Sabi House
Board Member Sr. Beauty Machona Mary Ward House, St Ignatius College
Board Member Mrs. T. Mutaviri Lyons Maid, Simon Mazorodze
Board Member Ms. E. Haatendi Sabi House
Board Member Mr. K. Mafukidze - - - -
Board Member Mr C. Kunaka 128 Five Avenue
Board Member Sr. Maria Goretti - - - -