St Ignatius

Board of Governors

The board of governors has a crucial role in the college’s functioning. They meet once every term to deliberate on issues to do with the college. The following is a list of persons who sit on the St Ignatius College board:

Fr C. Chimhanda Chairman Provincial
Fr L. Daka Vice Chairman Rector
Mr H. Maganga Ex-Officio Headmaster
Mr T. Choto Ex-Officio Administrator
Fr J. Arimoso Ex-Officio Delegate for the Province Education Office
Mr E. Mudavanhu Ex-Officio Chairperson of the School Development Committee
Mr G. Chipara Ex-Officio President of the Alumni Association
Sr M. Gorretti Ex-Officio Regional Superior of the CJ Sisters
Mr C. Muzondo Ex-Officio Finance Chairperson
Mrs T. Mutaviri Board Member
Mr K. Mafukidze Board Member
Sr Mercy Shumbamhini Board Member
Eng. C. Kunaka Board Member
Mr T. Mhizha Board Member
Ms T. Mudzamiri Board Member